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This site is Neurohost!

A Dreamhost contest candidate to win... something?

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This is my contest entry

My dreamhost contest entry is a drupal based web app and a drupal module:

  • Neurohost! web app (this website)
  • Dreamhost drupal module


A lot of Dreamhost clients resell certain services (domains, hosting, web development, etc.) to their own clients.

Often, this final clients needs to manage their own announcement list but they doesn't find very friendly the Dreamhost Panel or perhaps you don't want them to access the panel (security reasons, branding reasons, etc.)

If you want to host your site and your announcement lists with Dreamhost you have to adhere to the Dreamhost Antispam Policy, so you need to use their announcement lists.

Another use case is when your final client have a lot of mail accounts and needs to change them very often.

I've had this problems more than once with some of my clients and it was very difficult to solve.


  • I've developed a module for drupal websites that allow you to automate all the process of announcement list subscriptions, unsubscriptions, double opt in, posting messages, etc.

    This module has two parts:

    • A dreamhost backend for the mlm module which provides a framework for mailing list management inside drupal
    • A dreamhost module that allows users to add new announcement lists, subscribe to the lists, send messages, view and (in the future if API allows it) add new mail accounts, configure and test Dreamhost API accounts and much more.
  • I've developed a web application called Neurohost! based in the previous module that provides the following functionalities to 3 different user levels (admin, user, anonymous):

    • The admin user can configure the API key and login data, test the API, show all announcement lists data, create mailing list, etc. (NOTE: by the time Dreamhost API doesn't allow to create the list remotely so we need to create them in both sites and link them from here. In the future this could be easier)

    • The normal user can show mailing lists, show, add and delete subscribers, update data (like bounces) from Dreamhost, post messages to the lists, etc. This users can, as well, view email accounts and (in the future) manage them.

    • Anonymous users can subscribe, confirm subscription and unsubscribe from public announcement list (private ones are managed by admins and only allows anonymous users for subscription confirmation)

This web application is intended to be deployed as a Dreamhost one-click install (easy mode). This will allow you to install as much instances as you want in a very easy way and forget about maintenance. You can install one instance for each final client which needs this kind of functionality (example:

If Dreamhost agrees, this could become another useful service for their clients.

Testing the application

I'm sorry but I haven't got enough time to make a drupal profile that makes it easy to install this application in you own servers. So I've setup a test version in this site. The problem is that if all peopple test it at the same time it would be a mess, son I've decided to give access only to Dreamhost staff to this testing version.

Please Dreamhost people send me an email to and I'll create 2 test users for you.

Many thanks to Dreamhost an good luck to all!!

Javi (neurojavi) .-